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Çeksan Demir started its production activities in 1984. With increasing demand, Çeksan Demir established its new 6,000 m2 factory in Başakşehir in 1996 and continued its activities by increasing its product range and business volume. In the following years, meeting the requirements of being a leading company in its field, it increased its capacity and established a new 14,000 m2 factory in Çanakkale Biga in 2015. Today, Çeksan Demir, which exports handle spindles, hinge pins, and cold rolled rods to more than 15 countries and is a leading company in its field in Turkey, continues to grow with new investments.

With its 60 employees and 20,000 square meters of production facilities, Çeksan is currently one of Turkey's most important producers of handle spindles , hinge pins, and cold rolled rods. Çeksan, which never compromises on its quality, service, and price performance both domestically and internationally, prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

Today, Çeksan takes pride in providing the highest quality and fastest response to the world's needs.

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